What I do so you can say I do!

So you've picked a date - what next?  That's where I come in....

From our first meeting, I get to know you both.  How you met; the first kiss until the big proposal.  I need to know what makes you tick as a couple, what makes you laugh and cry.

We sit down to discuss the type of wedding you'd like to have.  Will it include some readings by friends or family; would you like to remember a special person that is no longer with you? Casual beach wedding or something more formal?  It's entirely up to you both.

To give you an idea of how things work, here's a bit of a timeline (as a guide only - everyone is different):

  • Once the NOIM is signed and witnessed, I get going doing the paperwork - and there's a fair bit (you'll realise on your wedding day when you and your partner have signed it all!).

  • Based on our first meeting, I'll email you a draft service and then set up another meeting with you both to talk about the words and order of the ceremony.  Don't like what I've sent you? No problem.  I make edits to the ceremony until you are 100 per cent happy.

  • I think music is really important to a wedding service.  If you want to walk down the aisle to a thrash metal song, totally your choice and I'll help you with that.  When you have your ceremony play list, just let me know the songs and order to play them. Different song for the bridesmaids to the bride? No problem.  I have a professional grade cordless and mobile sound system and microphone.  This is Bluetoothed to my iPad where your ceremony is for me to perform for you. My experience tells me you need around four special songs - one to walk to your groom; two while you're signing the documentation and one fabulous, let's get this party started song when I pronounce you husband and wife.  I top and tail the wedding service playlist with music that is fun and welcoming.


  • Need a rehearsal? - you got it.  This comes with a disclaimer though.  I won't perform the actual ceremony at a rehearsal. Nothing will duplicate the look on your faces when you hear those words for the first time.  It is an irreplaceable moment. Trust me - I'm a professional.

  • On the day of your wedding, I arrive at the venue around 40 minutes prior.  I set up all my equipment, make sure it is in perfect working order and start playing some music to welcome your guests.  I meet and greet friends, parents and relatives to make sure those who need to be seated are and those giving readings are close by.  Need me to make some special announcements? Like holding off on social media until the bride and groom have posted? I do all that too.

  • I've got the boys' back. From making sure that they are all there :) mobile phones are turned to silent; button holes are on and straight and bottled water.  Tissues?  Duh.  You'll need them - sometimes I do too.

  • Time for your vows.  Please don't fret that you have to remember your vows.  I will hand make you beautiful vow cards to keep.  I individualise them for your personality or theme.  If you'd prefer to repeat your vows after me, that's just fine too.

  • So, the job's not over until the paperwork is finished.  We need two witnesses over the age of 18.  One for the bride and one for the groom.  Always good to have them chosen before the big day.  They will be signing all the documentation too.

Well, there not much more to do but to have all your family and friends clap, holler and cheer as I pronounce you married. There'll be happy tears and lots of laughter and it will be one of the best days of your lives.  I'll give your marriage certificate and vow cards to a responsible person and you can continue your celebrations.  As soon as I leave your wedding, I send all your documentation through to Births Deaths and Marriages.  And you will live happily ever after.