I have a range of ceremonies to suit every bride & groom.  For a Simply Beautiful Ceremony, your journey starts here:

By now, you're probably wondering about costs?  Well, each ceremony is individual and some take longer than others.  As a guide, my costs start at $450.00 and are subject to change.  If you have a specific budget in mind, call me and we can discuss it.  



Wanting just the two of you and two witnesses - of course we can achieve your dream of an intimate beautiful ceremony.  


Want the elopement without the hassle?


Call me and we can get started without any dramas..

Large Wedding


From the opening lines of your favourite song to the words that you will speak to each other,


I can write the words that will mean the world to you both and ensure that special family members are included or that life long friend delivers a heart felt reading.

Two families become one


When there are children from other relationships that will form part of a new family why not considering including them in your special day?

Special Theme


Wanting a beach or rainforest theme?  


What about including a special hobby or fantasy?


I can help you realise your special dreams of your special day.

Sunrise or sunset?


From sun up to sun down and all times in between including the most remote or public venue.  


I can help you find that special time and place.

Any question you have?
It's your special day.  I do whatever you want (providing it's legal!).  
I take care of all the details to ensure this is the least stressful part.
Just call me and we can chat.